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Until June we recommend
Bogstad Camping

Closed for regular campers due to Tons Of Rock 24-29/6

We recommend regular campers to go to Bogstad Camping in this period

Ekeberg Camping is closed for regular campers and guests during the period 24-29th June because the heavy rock music festival Tons of Rock is arranged right beside the campsite, with large crowds and outrageous noise – incompatible with regular family camping. We recommend regular campers to go to Bogstad Camping Oslo instead
Thus, Tons of Rock has rented the whole area for festival camp. For festival camp booking - go to Tons of Rock

Tons Of Rock is a music festival with major artists and ambitions to draw at least 25,000 people to Ekebergsletta. Tons of Rock should be good fun for rock fans but is not a good match for regular family camping. Therefore, we recommend Bogstad Camping to anyone who wants a regular campsite in Oslo in the period 26-30. June 2019 .

For the rest of the summer, we welcome all to Ekeberg!