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Many great campings – the greatest of all is Hallingdal Feriepark

Behind Ekeberg Camping Oslo is Topcamp – along with Bogstad Camping Oslo, Mjøsa Ferie- og Fritidssenter, Sjøsanden Feriepark, Onsakervika Camping and Hallingdal Feriepark which is considered Norway’s greatest campsite. Topcamp represents a great roundtrip in the southern parts of Norway.

zip-line i Høyt&Lavt klatrepark i hallingdal feriepark


Norway East-West are a group of several great campsites who cooperate, and are placed around a tout for a perfect round trip in eastern and central parts of Norway.

Follow our route to experience some of the greatest places of Norway. You will get to see the open landscape in the east, Lillehammer, the fjords in western parts of Norway, with high mountains and great waterfalls, and also the city of Bergen with all the famous sights. On your way, you can visit the campsites.

If you are going camping in Norway, this is the least you should try to see, travel around and visit!



Hallingdal feriepark is one of the few in Norway awarded with 5 of 5 stares from NHO Reiseliv, Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor, SpitzCamp from Adac and the Top Camping of the Year by NBCC (Norsk Bobil og Caravan Club), as well as membership of Leading Campings.

As well as having great spots, connections for all, and luxurious kitchen, cleaning and sanitary facilities, the park also has a great offer for activities on the site. We can mention out high&low climping park – with zip-lines over the Hallindalsriver, and also 12 meters “free fall”, adventure gold, huge indoor playrooms and outdoor playgrounds, 4H-farm, bicycle park, and last but not least Storstua Bergtatt Bistro, a fist class restaurant.


Spektakulære fjellomgivelser for vandring i området rundt Ål i Hallingdal


Some of the best trails in the country for hiking and bicycling are located around Ål and Hallingdal Feriepark.. The mountain terrain is great during the summer, and even more impressive for skiing during the winter.

Stegastein and other spectacular Norwegian sights

Norway in a nutshell

Hallingdal is an excellent base for experiencing truly spectacular Norwegian experiences: Mountains, Norwegian fjords with Stegastein (see image) sightseeing spot, Flåm and Flåmsbana - rated the most spectacular train journey in the world, Vøringsfossen, one of the talles Norwegian waterfalls (and we have got some!), Norwegian stave churches and more. Highly recommended!


We guarantee you butterflies in your stomach as you fly for 250 meters in a zip-line in Hallingdal Feriepark.

4H besøksgård i Hallingdal Feriepark


In Hallindal Feriepark, we have our own 4h-farm, where children and adults can get to know sweet animals, learn more about nature and understand where our food comes from.


Minigolf with a history-theme is both fun and educational – in Hallindal Feriepark.

Stort innendørs lekeland i Hallingdal Feriepark


Biggest indoor playrooms between Oslo and Bergen – guaranteed fun for the kids for hours.

Open in weekends and holidays.

Ørretfiske i Hallingdalselva i Hallingdal Feriepark


Trout fishing is a popular activity, and you can fish trout in the river “Hallindalelva”, right of the campsite. (NB! You need a fishing license to fish here

Sykkelpark for barn i Hallingdal Feriepark


Bicycling is a good way of exercising. Your skills will be tested in our park, for several hours.