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Ekebergsletta, sculpture park, minigolf, playground and riding school/animal park in the area

The forest and parks at Ekeberg offers idyllic places to walk. There are nice trails through the sculpture park to a playground, minigolf, and restaurants with the most amazing view in Oslo!

Mange dyr å bli kjent med på EKT Rideskole og Husdyrpark på Ekeberg

Animal park and horseback riding

A couple of minutes walking on the nice trails in the woods, leads you to EKT riding school and animal park, located in the Ekebergpark. Here you will find horses of all sizes, with the possibility of horsebackriding and horse and carriage. Also there is the possibility to get to know animals such as pigs, goats, peacock and more.

EKT rideskole og husdyrpark på Ekeberg

lekeplass og plaskedam på Ekeberg


There is a playground connected with the EKT and restaurant. The playground is close to a small pond, great for children to play in on warm summer days.

Plaskedam på Ekeberg

Minigolf på Ekeberg


There is also a small minigolf-park located nearby. The park has two fun 18-hole courses with waterfalls, rivers, bridges and other obstacles.

One of the courses are of a high level (arena for competition in minigolf). The other course is easier, so here all people of all ages can get a try to do something fun.

Ekeberg Søylehuset Petersborg


Next to EKT and the playground lays ”Søylehuset Petersborg”, which houses a lovely Café known as Søylehuset Café. The café is open all year round and serves food like hamburgers, pizza, a variety of baked goods, snacks and refreshing drinks.

Søylehuset Petersborg is a nontraditional house in Norway, built in 1825 for vice-consul Henrich Resch. It was first built across Bergløkken/Kampen – today known as Ensjø, and later inhabited by the Author Sigurd Hoel. Søylehuset was demolished in 1963 from its original location, but later rebuilt on Ekeberg in 1966 by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage.

Skulturparken i Ekebergskogen

Sculpture park – great experience in many ways

The sculptures and intallations are spread throughout the forest, connected by nice trails and paths.

Skulpturparken på Ekeberg

The ones with a great interest in art might think that the view of the city competes too much with the sculptures, but for most people, it is a win-win situation. We would actually say that it is a big mistake to live on Ekeberg Camping without visiting the park. (NB! Some of the paths can be quite steep and therefore hard to go for disabled people).

Skulpturparken på Ekeberg

If you don’t get heavy breath from the walk up the hill, you can lose you breath from the amazing view at the top.


The Ekeberg Restaurant

The restaurant is located at the bottom of the sculpture park – where both the balcony and the outdoor-seating offers the best view in town. You can eat here for lunch or just enjoy a cool refreshment wile looking at the amazing panorama view over the opera, barcode, Bjørvika, the fortress and the rest of the city!

Ekebergrestauranten - en arkitektonisk perle med uslåelig beliggenhet

Lars Backer drew the restaurant, and it was built in 1929. At the time, it was thought of as Europe’s finest functionalist building. Law protects the building from damage, but it has been modernized through the years.

Uteservering med Oslos beste utsikt på Ekebergrestauranten

Karlsborg Spiseforretning

Karlsborg Spiseforretning

Less known than its neighbor, The Ekeberg Restaurant, but also a restaurant with amazing view. The architecture is some years older, but many say that the building is just as charming!