Åpner 1. juni 2021
I mellomtiden anbefales
Bogstad Camping

Oslo Sculpture Park is our closest neighbor

Oslo Sculpture Park is a great experience in several ways. The sculptures/installations in celebration of Women are spread over an area with wonderfully pleasant forest roads and paths - combined with spectacular views of Oslo

Those extremely interested in art may find that the view of the city is too much to compete with the sculptures, but for most people the situation is win-win - and a wonderful walk. We will go as far as to say that staying at Ekeberg Camping will be a great job without taking this trip with you! (However, some of the paths are steep and may not be easily accessible for the disabled)


One can ask if one needs some art to look at with this view. But the art and the view do not destroy each other in any way.

Ekeberg skulpturparken